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How to book your valuation?

How to book a valuation and what happens next?

We are here from Monday to Friday from 9am - 6pm and on Saturdays 9am - 5pm, unfortunately we are closed on Sundays and some Bank Holidays. There are multiple ways of getting in touch, via our website, callings us on 01634 84 88 83, email or visit our office and we will get the kettle on. Once we have taken some details about yourself and your property we will arrange a date and time that it is convenient for you and us. On the agreed day, we will contact you and confirm if it is still ok for us to pop in. Upon arrival, we would like to have a five or ten minute chat with you, to best understand your needs. After a walk around to measure your property, we will be ready to talk over the value of your property. We will carry out an independent assessment of your property and base our evidence on our existing local knowledge, backed up by locally based comparable evidence. This reports will be presented in paper format however it can also be emailed across to you. The research itself can also be done while with you (subject to wi-fi connection). We will advise you on the value of your property, best marketing strategies to adopt and why, and an approximate breakdown on the total costs of moving.

How can we work together?

You can instruct us on the day of the valuation or by contacting us a later on after deciding what your next move will be. We will then arrange to meet again either at your property or in our office and we will go through the Terms of Business, set up all Legal Compliance and if we are meeting at your home we will carry out all internal and external photographs, rest assured our team members are trained in photography and use professional or semi professional camera equipment. If you decide to have a professional photographer who can also produce 3D Walk Tours and Drone Images, we will need to arrange this on your behalf, and availability will depend on the recommended photographer. At this point, we will also arrange for your floorplan and Energy performance Certificate to be carried out if necessary. Once, we have dealt with all the paperwork, please allow a maximum of 72 hours for all your marketing material to be ready, this includes your write up, brochure, window card, social media and all formats of internet advertisement. We will contact you as soon as we have internally approved your details to be sent to you for your approval and as soon as you confirm that you are happy with them, your property is ready to go live.  

What will you do to sell my property?

Once your property is live it will be displayed on at least four different websites; Rightmove, On The Market, Boomin and our own, providing your property with maximum exposure on the web. From experience, I would say that over 90% of all enquires, are generated via the internet. It is important that your property is advertised in all the right places and we will make sure yours is. During the period of time that your property remains available on the market, we will monitor its Click Through Rate (amount of people looking and clicking on your property online) on all advertised websites and will advise you accordingly on what the next steps should be in order to enhance your presence and generate more viewings, if necessary. Click Through Rate reports will be made available to you on a weekly basis via email and followed up with a phone call, in case you've got questions or if we need to suggest a different approach to your marketing strategy. The internet is the most popular way of searching for property and our applicants search for property in different devices at different times, in different platforms and websites. We can capture all of these, as well as capturing a audiences in social media, which is fast becoming a great way to advertise property and we will be able to advertise your property on Facebook, Instagram and You Tube, we would like to ask you to follow, share, like and comment whenever you see your property in any social media you participate in. Our applicant database, is vetted (as much as possible at this stage) before arranging viewings, we take great care of all our potential buyers and keep them informed on a regular basis of all properties that match their criteria, we do so by calling, texting, tag's and emailing them your property details. We aim at escorting all viewings to your property during working hours, we feel that by doing so, we will increase the possibilities of selling your home. 

What happens after the viewing?

The following day, we will contact the potential buyer and gather their feedback. The feedback, in our opinion, is one of the most important aspects of the entire process of selling or buying a property. Without it, as a seller, it's impossible to know what the general public think of your property, at haus we always look at feedback in a positive and constructive manner. When gathering the feedback we focus our conversation in key areas for the potential buyer and as your representative the areas that are of the most relevance to you. Once we have collected the feedback we will email it across to you and follow it up with a phone call, in order discuss it and if necessary clarify any questions that may have raised after reading it. If any offers are made at this stage, they will be put forward to you verbally and in writing once we have reached the end of the negotiations. All offers are put forward to you for your consideration and decision, regardless of amount offered. We are allowed to reject offers on your behalf without your verbal consent however you would need to give us written consent to do so, please discuss this option with us if you wish not to be informed verbally of all offers received. 

Once an offer is accepted, what happens next?

When an offer is received, there are Legal Compliances we must carry out with the potential buyer before agreeing a sale. Once all legal checks are completed, we will start gathering all relevant documents from your prospective buyer. Whenever possible we will financially qualify your purchaser however all necessary due diligence will be taken into account before agreeing a sale with a buyer that may not have been financially qualified by one of our recommended Mortgage Advisors. This entire process can be at times lengthily however it lasts on average 24 - 48hours, during this period of time, your property will remain fully available on the market and viewings will carry on as normal. At haus, we pride in being transparent and your potential buyer will be fully aware that the property will remain available on the market. At this stage, if not already instructed, you will need to instruct a solicitor to deal with your transaction, we hope that you will use one of our recommended companies and keep everything under one roof, by doing this the entire process will become much smoother and stress free. With our recommended solicitor you will have full access to your sales progression 24/7 on both your sale and onward purchase. Once all is received by both parties, we can mark your property as sold subject to contract and only then we will send your Memorandum of Sale to all involved parties, you, your buyer and both sets of solicitors.

What happens during the sale and when can I move?

Based on personal experience, the legal process can take up to 16 weeks depending on whether your property is freehold or leasehold and being purchased in cash or with a mortgage, 16 weeks is a long time and regular communication is paramount to achieve a successful sale. The timescale, is also dependent on yours and your buyers' solicitors. We recommend that you appoint a solicitor with whom we already have a working relationship, this may not necessarily speed the process up however it will improve the communication between all involved parties. At haus, we are confident that we can shorten the timescale between you accepting an offer and exchanging contracts, by approximately two to three weeks. Once both set of solicitors are fully instructed, we will guide you through the entire process and will keep communication flowing, between you, your buyer and both sets of solicitors. If you are involved in a chain we will liaise with all involved parties within the chain and keep you and your buyer updated. Once all solicitors in the chain are satisfied, we will help you agree a exchange and completion date that best suits your needs, this process can be stressful, especially if you are involved in a large chain, everyone in the chain will need to agree to your preferred date. I won't lie, it is not always possible to achieve your preferred date, so your help will be greatly appreciated at this stage. When the completion date is agreed, the move all of a sudden becomes 'real'. Please speak with us before arranging removals, most removal companies with charge a non refundable deposit, we can advise when to book them. On the day of completion, you will need to drop all available sets of keys of the property into our office. You need not to worry as we won't release them to your buyer until your solicitor has confirmed verbally or in writing that your transaction has gone through.

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